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Please read this carefully – it may affect your Furballs Cattery booking

The term ‘Medication’ can cover a wide range of conditions. Treatments vary from worming tablets, eye ointments, ear drops, thyroid & heart tablets, a course of antibiotics, cage rest as a result of an RTA, and many other more serious conditions.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW…………………………..
If your cat has any medical condition, or, is under any form of treatment or medication, you must inform us prior to booking. If your cat develops any condition after your booking has been confirmed, you must inform us immediately, BEFORE you bring your cat(s) in.

If we have boarded your cat(s) before, and are aware of an on going existing medical condition, but circumstances have changed, please remember to make us aware of this prior to booking. We may in some cases ask your vet to confirm that your cat is well enough to board with us.

If your cats come “as a family group” and within that group some are on medication and some are not, we may, (in some cases) find it necessary to board the cat(s) under treatment, separately. This ensures the medication is administered correctly, especially when it applies to medication in food and /or special diets.

If Furballs Cattery agrees to board with NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OF MEDICAL CONDITIONS/TREATMENTS the owner will be asked to sign a disclaimer.
There will be an additional charge to administer the medication as stated in the Furballs Cattery Terms & Conditions.

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