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More Space, Bigger Rooms

One of the things you will first notice about Furballs Cattery is the amount of space the cats have.

All pens at Furballs Cattery have large runs and are very spacious. For details how much more room your cat(s) get at Furballs than ‘standard’ catteries take a look here

In the ‘cabin’ area they have various beds to choose from, nice and cosy with heat pads, heat lamps/radiator. A separate area for litter trays is provided, along with plenty of space for their food and water. Also plenty of room for toys and scratching posts.

For the “old & infirm” we can organise accommodation all on one raised level. No jumping up and down to litter trays, sleep or feed areas. All have a big window-seat to sunbathe, snooze, and watch the cows go by!!

We can also accommodate the frightened, shy or ‘anti-social cat, who finds the whole boarding cattery experience overwhelming and prefer to ‘tuck’ themselves away and pretend ‘not to be there’ in our “hidey-hole” pen

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