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Fun fun fun on holiday!

A lot of us like to ‘blob’ when we are on our holidays, sit back read a book, wait for someone to deliver a cocktail or two, with the occasional burst of activity slotted in here & there.

So we try to offer our ‘guests’ at Furballs Cattery the same options. They can just stay in bed all day, and dream of mice, ping-pong balls and a bowl of cat milk. Or work off a few calories in their own large play area.  Watching & “talking” to birds that sometimes make their way into the eaves of the cattery is also a big favourite!

Once a bit of exercise has been had it obviously needs to followed up with a few more Zzzzzzz

However, if they prefer to be grumpy & concentrate on a major sulk at being left, then we can accommodate that. Experience tells us that a little cajoling plus the odd prawn/Dreamie or two overcomes such problems. All have normally ‘mellowed’ out by going home time.

Licensed by Winchester City Council: 5 STARS Licence No 18/03375/AINRA