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Night night, let’s sleep!

All of the cat bedrooms at Furballs Cattery are warm and toasty with radiant heat pads and a cosy vet bed sheepskin  Additionally there are thermostatically controlled radiators too.  All have various sleeping levels with different areas, beds, boxes, and blankets to avoid ‘arguments’ if staying with a ‘friend’ or two.

Bringing all of your own bedding if you prefer is not a problem. Perhaps a sweater or t-shirt ‘on loan’ from a family member. Some arrive with beds, posh blankets and even sleeping bags or with so much luggage it takes 2 or 3 trips backwards and forwards to the car to unload.

As long as we can physically fit it all in we don’t mind what you bring. However, if something has to be put into our washer due to the odd furball or ‘accident’ we cannot guarantee that its shape, colour or size will be the same!

It’s just one of the reasons Why Cats Love Furballs Cattery

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